Saving throws are rolls made to escape part or all of a bad situation. The value of each save depends primarily on the character’s class and level. When creating a new character or increasing their level, note their saves, then adjust by species and with the relevant ability score modifiers.

When a saving throw is called for, modify the save value with any relevant situational bonuses or penalties and then roll a die (generally a d20). This is a check, so results less than the listed value successfully escape. A result of 1 is always a success, and 20 is always a failure, regardless of modifiers. The types of saving throws are as follows:

Corruption – These throws resist relatively slow developments that would interfere with the body’s normal functions, including poison, Chaos, and magical effects such as polymorph. Modified by Con. This is strong for warriors and dwarves.

Evasion – These throws resist anything that can be avoided through agility and athletic ability, including many traps, area affects, and off-guard attacks. Modified by Dex. Strong for specialists.

Psychic – These throws resist mental stresses, including torture, madness, and magical effects such as enchantment or control. Modified by Pre. Strong for priests, halflings, and humans.

Shock – These throws resist sudden, extreme stresses to the body, including massive damage, compression or decompression, and magical effects such as death magic. Modified by Str. Strong for sorcerers and elves.


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