While most people in the world are 0-level “commoners” whose skills are not relevant to the adventuring life, those who would survive and profit in the mad lifestyle of the adventurer must invest intensive training and effort into tasks such as combat, magic-use, or devotion to the gods.

Priests serve the divine forces of the world, hoping to draw their favor or divert their wrath. They often demand that their companions worship, or at least honor, their chosen deities, but in return offer miraculous healing and other boons. Priests may perform and direct devotions, and channel the rewards and miracles of their patron gods.

Sorcerers study arcane secrets that allow them to manipulate the hidden forces of nature. Although nearly helpless in hand-to-hand combat, they are generally welcome in adventuring parties for the potency of the spells and depth of study they command. Sorcerers may work magic by all available methods, including rote and gnosis.

Specialists focus on mastering a broad array of skills. While they cannot match warriors in sheer combat prowess, cast spells, or call down the power of the gods, the sheer variety of skills they bring to the table can benefit any group they work with.

Warriors are the backbone of any adventuring party. Masters of arms and armor, they are the most-skilled class when it comes to stopping enemy attacks and dishing out damage. Warriors are the only class that naturally increases their to-hit as they gain levels.


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