Soft Hand

The art of flexibility, mobility, and misdirection in combat. You may add this skill’s point value to your Drop roll when damage equals or exceeds your HP.

1: Your unarmed attacks do 1d3 minor damage.

2: Your unarmed attacks do 1d4 minor damage or 1 lethal damage, and you permanently gain +1 to your passive armor and dodge defenses.

3: You permanently gain +1 to one save of your choice; you trip your opponent on a critical hit.

4: Your unarmed attacks do 1d6 minor damage or 1d3 lethal damage.

6: If an opponent misses a melee attack against you, they must save against Shock or lose their next action.

8: Each time you take damage, the damage is reduced by 1. Your unarmed attacks do 1d6+1 minor or 1d4 lethal damage.

10: You gain a further +1 bonues to all your defenses.

Soft Hand

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