Hard Hand

The art of hitting things. Very hard. With your body.

1: Your unarmed attacks do 1d3 minor damage or 1 major damage1, as you desire.

2: Your unarmed attacks do 1d6 minor damage or 1d3 major damage.

3: Your unarmed attacks do 1d6 minor or major damage.

4: As (3), and critical hits stun the opponent for 1 round.

6: As (4), and you can attack hard inanimate objects without harming yourself.

8: As (6), and you can parry melee weapons with your bare hands!

10: As (8), attack rolls of 18 or higher stun for 1 round if they hit, and critical hits break one of of the opponent’s bones, pieces of armor, shield, or weapon at the YAM’s discretion. Misses may damage scenery.

1 Please see Core Stats for an explanation of damage types.

Hard Hand

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