When you make a successful unarmed attack, roll 1d8. If the result is greater than your skill level, you do 1 point of minor damage. If the result is equal or less, you may choose any of the following effects which has a point value equal to or less than both your skill and the result. (For example, if you have a skill level of 4 and roll a 5, you only do 1 point of minor damage. If you roll a 3, you may choose to trip, throw, or disarm your opponent.)

1: Trip. The opponent falls down. They have -2 to defenses, Evasion saves, attacks and other rolls as appropriate until they spend an action getting up.

2: Throw. As a trip, but the opponent also takes 1d4 points of lethal damage.

3: Disarm. The opponent loses their weapon. You may take it or throw it to the side.

4: Hold. The opponent cannot take any actions but fight you for as long as you choose to maintain the hold. Their choices are limited to Grapple, other unarmed attacks (with a -1 penalty), or small hand-held weapon attacks (i.e. with a knife, at a -2 penalty). If your Strength is greater you can force them to move with you at a walk. Both of you lose all defenses other than passive armor.

6: Stun. The opponent cannot take actions for the next 1d3 rounds unless they make a Shock save.

8. Chokehold. You hold the opponent as above, and they must save against Shock each turn. If they succeed, they take 1 point of Con damage from your attack; if they fail, they take 1d4. This damage immediately goes away if they are allowed to breathe again.

10: Shadowless Grapple. If an opponent misses against your dodge defense, they must make an Evasion save. Failure allows you to immediately check this skill (d8) and choose a result to inflict on them.


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