Check this skill to hide objects too large for Sleight of Hand, including oneself, from view. With sufficient time to prepare and a successful check, this skill imposes a penalty to opponents’ Wariness in an encounter. The penalty depends on conditions, as follows:

Available cover None Light Heavy Impenetrable
Maximum penalty 0 -2 -4 Special1

Normally, it takes one segment to attempt to conceal one person or object thoroughly. (An especially bulky or noticeable entity may count as multiple objects for this purpose.) Attempting to hide multiple objects at once increases the check difficulty, as shown below.

Number of people/objects being concealed 1 2 3 or 4 up to 8
Difficulty d6 d8 d10 d12

Taking extra time makes the job easier: by doubling the time, you can decrease the difficulty by one step, to a maximum of two steps at 4x the time. A rush job increases the difficulty by one step and halves the Wariness penalty, but can be accomplished in Nd4 combat rounds instead of N segments.


Bob the Overachiever wants to conceal himself, two friends, and a large cart (counted as two objects) in light underbrush for an ambush. Five objects total falls in the “up to 8” column. He can do the job for a -2 penalty to enemy Wariness in a single segment with a d12 check, in two segments with a d10 check, in four segments with a d8 check, or rush the job (for only a -1 modifier) in 4d4 rounds with a d10 check. Splitting the job with another skilled character, or getting help, will cut down on the time and difficulty further.

Note: A character can appraise a known concealment automatically (the roll is made openly and the results are visible) unless they have hidden themselves as well (in which case the roll is made in secret by the YAM).

1 Normally impenetrable cover should render the hidden entity unseen. Observers with X-ray vision, aura vision, or some other special means of visually penetrating matter, reduce effective cover by one step, meaning even a solid wall only counts as “heavy cover” against them when specifically something is concealed behind it.


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