Combat Prowess

You are skilled in using hand-held weapons to do more than just attack and block.

1: In addition to normal attacks, you may choose to parry, press (granting +2 to attack and damage rolls, but applying a -4 penalty to your AC) or fight defensively (taking a -4 penalty to attack rolls, but gaining +2 to AC).

3: You may use a beat or bind attack (take a penalty of -1 to -4 to your attack, but apply the same penalty to the initiative and next attack of your target on a success).

5: You may parry-riposte (once per round when an opponent misses an attack against your parry defense, attempt an Evasion save to gain a free attack against them).

7: You may attempt disarms (on a successful attack, instead of dealing damage, force the target to make an Evasion save or drop a held object).

10: You may attempt a sunder (on a critical hit, apply your damage to the opponent’s weapon or shield. Damage in excess of what is required to destroy the targeted item is applied to the target as normal).

Combat Prowess

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