You are used to wearing protective gear, and know how to put it on, take it off, and maneuver in it to best effect. Wearing an armor type that exceeds your skill level imposes various penalties.

1: You may use a shield to make active armor defense rolls instead of relying on the passive value granted by your gear.

3: You may use a shield to “bash,” forfeiting the active armor option but gaining the ability to fight as if wielding two weapons.

5: You have learned how to “turtle up” to avoid the worst of falling rocks, explosions, and other area effects. You gain a +1 bonus to appropriate saves.

7: You are an expert at allowing your gear to deflect blows. You gain an extra +1 bonus to your active and passive armor defenses.

9: You know all the tricks of the trade, and gain a +2 bonus when trying to hit against an active or passive armor defense.


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