Humanity is the dominant species of the civilized world; nonhuman sentient species live among them as solitary individuals, small groups, or semi-integrated enclaves. Thus, most PCs are human. However, players who meet the ability-score requirements may choose a non-human species and take on various benefits and penalties as a result. The description of humans is the default for all characters’ movement, range of sight, quirks, class and skill selections, and so on; other species share any attributes that are not specifically noted as different.

Dwarves are short and powerful, emotional and given to aesthetic appreciation. To play a dwarf, the character must have scores of at least 9 Con and 9 Str, and no more than 12 Pre or Dex. Dwarves tend to come into human society from rocky places and find work as artisans or warriors.

Elves are tall and slender, whimsical and a bit unfocused by human standards. To play an elf, the character must have at least 13 Dex, and no more than 12 Str, 15 Int or 15 Wis. Elves come into human lands from the deep forests and form small enclaves or traveling troupes.

Halflings are small and sturdy, pragmatic but shy. They have lived near human rural communities, solitary or in small groups, for as long as either side can remember. To play a halfling, the character must have at least 9 Con, 9 Dex, and no more than 12 Str and 12 Pre. Most halflings are humble farmers and laborers, but occasionally they can be persuaded to go on an adventure.


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