(Surprise and Initiative)


(Weapon attacks)

Type Attack Mod Damage Dual Notes
Light Dex 1d4 Yes Allows called shots; can be thrown; must be used one-handed
Normal Str 1d6 or 1d6+1 Yes Can be used one- or two-handed
Heavy Str 1d8 No Allows power attacks; must be used two-handed
Ranged (light) Dex 1d4 No See below for specific cases
Ranged (normal) Str or Dex 1d6 No See below for specifics
Ranged (heavy) Str Various No See below for specifics
Reach Str* Various No Require two hands; can attack from second rank; gain precedence

Light weapons can only be wielded one-handed, and modify the attack roll with Dex (most other weapons use Str). They do 1d4 damage and can be used to make called shots. They may not be used with Combat Prowess. Light weapons include hand-to-hand weapons such as daggers or clubs, thrown weapons such as darts or shuriken, and projectile weapons such as slings.

Normal weapons can be wielded in hand-to-hand combat one-handed for 1d6 damage, or two-handed for 1d6+1 (note that bows always require both hands but only deal 1d6). Thrown Normal weapons use Str for the attack roll, while bows use Dex. Normal weapons include swords, maces, javelins, and bows.

Heavy weapons must be wielded two-handed. They cause 1d8 damage and can be used to make power attacks. They may not be used with Weapon Finesse. Heavy weapons include greatswords, flails, polearms, and large bows. Compound bows cause 1d8 damage but are -1 to attack; heavy crossbows cause 1d10 damage but require two actions to load.

Reach weapons always require two hands to use and are usually Heavy. They may be used to strike from the second rank. In cases of simultaneous action or interruptions, a reach weapon takes precedence over a non-reach weapon. Heavy reach weapons used to attack from first-rank range apply a -2 penalty to the attack roll. Reach weapons include halberds and pikes. Short spears and the like are Normal-weight reach weapons; they do 1d6 damage and in some cases may be thrown.


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